Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS Online single phase IST3

UPS single phase IST3

UPS Online IST3

1-10 kVA
UPS Tower

Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS - Performance
Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS - performance
Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS - phase 1:1

Single Phase Online UPS (1-10kVA): the IST3 smart high-frequency online UPS uses full digital control technology and the latest high-frequency converter technology and has high efficiency, high power factor, and other advantages.

It has significant energy savings and greatly reduces operation costs.

It has integrated functions such as AC regulation, backup power supply, surge protection, and other functions to provide protection to equipment in harsh power grid environments and provide clean, safe, and stable power to loads.

UPS online IST3 details

  • UPS 3 level IGBT technology;
  • 95,5% efficiency AC-AC;
  • Output power factor up to 1;
  • Compact and smaller design.
Uninterruptible Power Supply Single Phase Ist3 Front
Uninterruptible Power Supply Single Phase Ist3 Lateral

Unique features

Green Power and advanced technology

  • UPS single-phase IST3 has an Input power factor up to 0.996 and low THDi (<3%) decrease pollution to city power;
  • AC/AC efficiency up to 95,5%, energy-saving, and low carbon emission;
  • Compliance with RoHS standard, innocuous and environmental-friendly;
  • Design in accordance with International EMC and Safety standards.

Outstanding profitability

  • Minimum 0,05 m footprint, save delivery cost and easy for installation;
  • At least 10% more output power for your loads.

Full digital control technology

  • UPS Online IST3 utilizes advanced DSP control technology, precision, and fast data processing and has fast fault self-diagnosis and processing capabilities, as well as complete self-protection functions with high reliability;
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply adopts improved circuit integration, optimized circuit designs, improved anti-interference capabilities, and stabler performance.

Compatible with generators

  • Generators are suitable for AC power input of UPS online single phase IST3;
  • Poor quality electricity produced by the generator is effectively isolated to prevent grid pollution to provide clean, safe, and stable power to loads.

Large HD screen

  • Well-proportioned visual effects, graphical interface, streamlined display, improved user experience;
  • UPS online IST3 Supports host temperature display, making it easier to monitor temperature changes; more manageable device safety.

Excellent performance

  • Uninterruptible power supply single phase IST3 has Industry's leading overall system efficiency; overall full load system efficiency of up to 95% and half load efficiency of up to 90%;
  • Huge energy savings and greatly reduce client's operation costs;
  • Output power factor can reach as high as 1; industry-leading performance, better loading capacity for the same power; cost-effective and low system investment costs;
  • High power density, optimized structural design, smaller and more convenient, and reduces space usage;
  • Flexible battery configurations support 16-20 batteries configured in any way, improves the life cycle of old batteries and improves maintenance efficiency (6KVA models and above)

Wide flexibility

  • Ultra-wide input voltage range, adaptable to different usage environments; use in harsh power environments with ease;
  • UPS single-phase IST3 is Self-adaptive to input frequency (50/60Hz), constant monitoring of power grid frequency; smart setup-free operation;
  • The main power grid is prioritized to prevent frequent switching between mains and battery to extend battery life.

Warning and protection functions

  • Uninterruptible Power supply single-phase UPS online IST3 has an automatic self-detection upon startup which discovers hidden faults promptly to ensure equipment safety and avoid unnecessary loss;
  • Complete protection and warning function sets off a sound and light alarm immediately to prevent hazards;
  • Supports input neutral/live wire detection to prevent fire hazards from incorrect neutral and live wire connection and to ensure personnel and asset safety.


  • Uninterruptible power supply single-phase online IST3 presents reliable electromagnetic compatibility characteristics, certified by authoritative organizations, suitable for professional high-frequency communication, and audio and video broadcasting applications
  • Input power factor > 0.99, input harmonics < 3%; improved energy utilization and effectively avoids additional energy loss; eliminates power grid pollution and reduces energy costs.
  • Smart Fan, High-Efficiency Cooling.
  • Multiple modes to control fan speed, extend the life of the fan and further improve efficiency and reduce power consumption.


UPS application - Energy

UPS application - Energy

UPS application - Medical

UPS application - Medical

UPS application - Finance

UPS application - Finance

UPS application - Justice

UPS application - Justice

UPS application - Telecommunication

UPS application - Telecommunication

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UPS Monitoring remotely

The AEC UPS product interface communicates using advanced technologies via SNMP / Internet / 4G, coming soon in 5G and Blockchain. All AEC UPS items can be connected, monitored and managed remotely from all over the world.
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